Our relationships to others, whether partners, co-workers, family, friends, or community members, give our lives meaning. I work from a family systems perspective, which means I will help you explore the context of your relationships – past and present – to help you function better and increase your personal fulfillment.

Regardless of whether I’m meeting with one person or an entire family, I think about the current and historic interactions between people that may have contributed to the present situation, as well as the relationships that can assist in resolving a problem.

My work focuses on helping you uncover underlying causes and gain greater awareness and insight to find solutions, rather than merely addressing symptoms. We will explore family patterns of behavior and how they influence you and other individuals in your life. Ultimately, my goal is to help you address your current concerns and grow toward more fulfilling relationships.

I utilize techniques from a variety of theoretical perspectives, including cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and play therapy.